Soroban is a unique methodology of development

The purpose of the methodology is to make the process of solving everyday problems easier and quicker. As physical exercises keep us fit,our brain trainings make us more successful, quicker and stronger in respect to the intellect. Our life consists of different activities: driving, writing documents, making plans. Graduates of Soroban School will do everything more efficiently, more accurately and without mistakes.

  • 90% of all Soroban school students demonstrate first results after the first two lessons

  • Soroban school is the only school in the world implemented intellectual homework for each student

  • There is the proprietary methodology of multiplication unrivaled throughout the world only in Soroban

  • Soroban is the only school launched its project 55+ and taught senior people visual counting

How does our brain operate?

Left hemisphere the hemisphere

Responsible for logic and analysis. Works with symbols and mathematical numbers

Controls speech, language abilities, reading and writing skills. Analyzes and remembers facts, dates

It processes information sequentially, in stages. He sees the little things. Rational, consistent, objective

Right hemisphere the hemisphere

Opens the opportunity to dream, fantasize, compose stories

In a fraction of seconds, it processes the information shown by symbols, images. Considers the problem as a whole, without details

Responsible for figurative perception, spatial thinking, intuition, sense of humor, ability to detect smells, music, drawing

Soroban is for everybody

As our muscles need exercises, our brain requires constant trainings. The unique Soroban methods of teaching is available for children from 5 to 11. It has demonstrated its efficiency in brain development of senior people as well

  • Preschooler groups (5 to 6 years old)

    Correct school readiness is not learning how to write and count but abilities to work in class, willing to learn and be the best. Not all students have them even after graduating the school.

  • Children age 7-11 y.o. (7 to 11 years old)

    Modern life confronts children with too much of information. It takes away many hours in order to finish their homework. The most useful skill is to analyze information quickly without getting distracted.

  • Elder group 55+

    Senior people 55+ have developed their cognitive abilities thanks to Soroban methods of teaching and demonstrated amazing results. Their memory has improved by 62%, alertness by 50%, attention by 75%.

Do you have any more questions?

Call us, come to the school, get to know the teacher, have a talk with our students and their parents, we are ready to answer all your questions and demonstrate achievements of our students. You can be consulted through the site using the form of callback

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