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Soroban school is the leader in the field of children development. Our students demonstrate high results due to intellectual homework technologies that have no analogues in the world.

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Success of Soroban school is a success of its students, their achievements and triumphs

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The purpose of Soroban is to lay the groundwork for children’s success via development of both hemispheres

With a help of Soroban methods of teaching both hemispheres are involved for a maximum effect in results. It encourages creation and strengthening of neural connections between brain cells. The more we have such connections, the more powerful is the ability to analyze, memorize, concentrate attention, process more information, make decisions quickly, visualize, think creatively, etc. When the student realizes that he/she can do the sums quicker than adults, it enforces the belief in his/her abilities and stimulates progress of not only education but also other activities

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  • Soroban in Ukraine's Got Talent

    Polina Petrova got three “Yes” in the show “Ukraine Has a Talent”

  • Soroban in Vinnitsa

    Soroban in TRC “Vintera”, Vinnitsa

  • Morning Cocktail on Channel 51

    Morning Cocktail on Channel 51, Dnepr

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Call us, come to the school, get to know the teacher, have a talk with our students and their parents, we are ready to answer all your questions and demonstrate achievements of our students. You can be consulted through the site using the form of callback


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